Volume 6

Jane GinsborgEditorial
David Dolan
John A. Sloboda
Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen
Björn Crüts
Eugene Feygelson
The improvisatory approach to classical music performance: An empirical investigation into its characteristics and impact
Roger T. Dean
Kirk N. Olsen
Freya Bailes
Is there a ‘rise-fall temporal archetype’ of intensity in the music of Joseph Haydn? The role of the performer
Amanda Glauert“Do you know the land?” Unfolding the secrets of the lyric in performance
Nigel NettheimThe reconstitution of historical piano recordings: Vladimir de Pachmann plays Chopin’s Nocturne in E Minor
Martin BlainComposition-as-research: Connecting Flights II for Clarinet Quartet – a research dissemination methodology for composers
Biranda FordApproaches to performance: A comparison of music and acting students’ concepts of preparation, audience and performance
Lauren Victoria HadleyConference Report: Performance Studies Network Second International Conference 2013