Volume 9

Jane GinsborgEditorial
Georgia VoliotiExpressive gesture in Grieg’s recordings of two Op. 43 Lyric Pieces: An exploratory principal components analysis (Vol. 9, 1-30)
Heidi Korhonen-BjörkmanBach points and virtuosity: A performer’s dialogic analysis of Betsy Jolas’ Ô Bach! (Vol. 9, 31-59)
Erin Dempsey
Gilles Comeau
Music performance anxiety and self-efficacy in young musicians: Effects of gender and age (Vol. 9, 60-79)
Caiti HauckDiction, expressivity and conductor’s choices in choral works sung in German (Vol. 9, 80-100)
Nina Loimusalo
Erkki Huovinen
Marjaana Puurtinen
Successful approaches to mental practice: A case study of four pianists (Vol. 9, 101-127) 
Nigel NettheimOvercoming piano-roll limitations: Pachmann plays Sabouroff’s Polka (Vol. 9, 128-161)
Anthony GrittenDismantling the demands of performing (Vol. 9, 162-179)
Lois FitchBook review: Musical Aesthetics: an Introduction to Concepts, Theories and Functions by Jonathan L. Friedmann (Vol. 9, 180-185)