Volume 3.1 Special Issue on Music and Health

Antonia Ivaldi
Jane Ginsborg
Clemens Woellner
Kristie S. Kava
Cathy A. Larson
Christine H. Stiller
Sara F. Maher
Trunk endurance exercise and the effect on instrumental performance: a preliminary study comparing Pilates exercise and a trunk and proximal upper extremity endurance exercise program (1-30).
Christian BernhardA survey of burnout among college music majors: a replication (31-41).
Melissa DobsonPerforming your self? Autonomy and self-expression in the work of jazz musicians and classical string players (42-60).
Lili Allsop
Tim Ackland
The prevalence of playing-related musculoskeletal disorders in relation to piano players’ playing techniques and practising strategies (61-78).
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Stephen Clift
Grenville Hancox
The significance of choral singing for sustaining psychological wellbeing: findings from a survey of choristers in England, Australia and Germany (79-96).